Praise for I Can’t Believe I Lived The Whole Thing


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“The funniest book about advertising in the past fifty years. Howie Cohen is a magician. From the first page, I was transported to a time when advertising was the most fun you could have with your clothes on.”

Jerry Della Femina

Creative Hall of Fame

“Laugh and learn. Howie’s case histories are in the form of entertaining real life stories. They provide a much needed reminder about the exponential power of a creative idea for driving business growth.”

Bill Duggan

Group EVP, ANA (Association of National Advertisers)

“This delightful memoir reminded me of all I had missed by leaving New York behind as a 20 year old. But I got to live that exciting creative life vicariously through Howie and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it.”

Stan Richards
Creative Director,
The Richards Group

“Cohen writes in a punchy, funny and consistently surprising style. An entertaining account of a career in the highest echelons of advertising.”

Kirkus Reviews

“His stories about the old days when Madison Avenue unleashed a never-before-seen brand of advertising—propelled by humor and an arched eyebrow—are well worth reading.”

BlueInk Review

“Buy it, you’ll like it. After you’ve read it, you’ll say, ‘I can’t believe I read the whole thing—in two days!’ That’s how delightful a read this book really is.”

Tom Cordner

Professor, Art Center College of Design