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After a 50-year career in advertising, Howie Cohen can help your team, guests, employees or conference learn the secrets of connecting with consumers on an emotional level; and how to create words and ideas that spread virally and stand the test of time.

The lessons are all there in the story of his career that’s filled with humor, drama and hilarious imperfection.

Howie screwed up early. He was supposed to be an ironworker in The Bronx, like his father and grandfather before him. But when he almost dropped a hot rivet down his pants, he chucked it all to become an advertising copywriter on Madison Avenue.

It was during the Creative Revolution of the 1960s, and Howie quickly became known for writing funny stories that sold the goods. His crowning glory was two Clio Hall of Fame TV spots for Alka Seltzer that had the whole world saying, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” and “Try it, you’ll like it.”

In 2012, Google cemented Howie’s reputation as a creative icon by featuring him in their award-winning Internet experiment – and documentary of the same name – Project Re-brief.

Over his five-decade career, Howie experienced just about everything one can experience – the good, the bad and the idiotic. And now, he would be happy to share the important life and career lessons he’s learned. And the best part is, Howie isn’t just a great writer.

He’s a warm and engaging public speaker.

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